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House Calls are back!

People are living longer—great news, but with longer life span comes increased medical need. DoctorCare offers physician and advanced practitioner house calls to treat heart failure, emphysema, diabetes, high blood pressure, paralysis and many other chronic medical conditions. Our experienced medical providers will come to your house or adult home, often helping you to avoid long waits in chaotic urgent care facilities or emergency rooms.

DoctorCare has established a reputation for providing skilled and compassionate medical care in the comfort of your house, adult home or assisted living facility. We offer care for those who have chronic illness or sudden sickness in Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas of Arizona's Valley of the Sun.

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You don't have to be fully homebound to get
DoctorCare house calls.

Who can benefit from DoctorCare house calls?

  • Anyone over age 18 who has a chronic medical illness
  • Senior citizens who feel sick and have difficulty getting in
    to see a doctor promptly
  • People who are homebound or have advanced geriatric care needs
  • Those who require home health agency skilled services
    (plan oversight by physician)
  • People who are on hospice and want closer doctor oversight
  • Those who take many medications
  • People who are recently discharged from the hospital or a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility and need close follow up.
  • Elderly folks who have difficulty traveling to or waiting in a doctor's office